Tuesday, August 31, 2010

hey guys... anyone still around?
sooooooooooooo. i am the lamest wellness challenge blog leader ever. i had a terrible uti that lasted for months and actually turned out to be another health condition. i kind of got super bummed out and slowly gave up on the challenge. i am so lame. but good job to all of you who are still holding strong! looks like we only have a week or two left. i am starting body for life over. i need it, sometimes i feel out of control with life and it defiantly makes things easier. if anyone cares to join me you should! if you officially sign up you could win $50,000! go to transformation.com and sign up. i am rededicating myself to being healthy... i feel like crap and i don't like it.

how are you guys doing? what are you going to do next?