the rules

the rules

*everyone that wants to participate pays $10. 1st place wins 80% of the money, 2nd 15%, and 3rd 5% of the money. In the case of a tie, the percentage will be equally split.

*There is 10 possible points a day. You get 1 point for each wellness guideline you accomplish. Your weekly goal is 70 points.

*Free points: you can either choose to have one free day a week or you can choose to get one "free" point per week, in each category. if you miss a work out one day then you would get the point still, if you only missed it once. make sense? there are no roll over points though.

this challenge is totally honor system. you keep track of your points per week. no cheating!

free days!!!

*Birthdays are free or choose a free day if your birthday is not during this time.

*You are allowed 3 sick days  when you do not need to exercise or follow the food plan

*4th of july and 24th of july will be free days, there will also be a free day in june and one in august, they are yet to be determined.
sooooo. that makes 5 extra free days.

thank you to be the best you wellness challenge for the insipration.