Monday, July 19, 2010

Joe, jenell, ashely and amy t. let me know if you are still participating...

week 4 already! how are you guys doing? anyone lagging in motivation? i say we do a challenge. does anyone have any ideas?

remember that this week is pioneer day so you get an extra free day. if you live in cali and want to pick another day besides saturday, feel free. just remember 2 free days this week. i have a small problem with turning free days into more than a day.

goals this week?
mine is to starting body for life again. i did it before and loved it. i saw results right away, then i got lazy. if you sign up for bill phillips new challenge on you can even win lots of money. it is a great resource and the community is so friendly and helpful.

Monday, July 12, 2010

reminder to everyone...
post your score on the spreadsheet or email me @
or facebook me.

lets work this week on getting to know each other better. you can come up with a game, post pictures, whatever. i'll start-

5 things about me-
1.i had three little boys in 4 years. they are so fun and i am so lucky to be their mama.
2. i have an affinity for punk rock and butt rock
3.i love lost. RIP. i am still having withdrawls. i think i am over it and then it hits me... i am so not over it.
4.i majored in home ec, yes that really is a college degree :)
5. i love disneyland. we have been going to disneyland every year since i was born and i still love it. it has taken on a whole new love taking my kids with me. i love to see how happy and excited they get over the smallest things. i save ever penny so that i can spoil them rotten.

your turn!

week 3

hey guys, we are at week 3 already! how is everyone doing? i am having some lame health issues that are making this challenge, well sort of a challenge... but such is life right?

what are your goals this week?
anyone struggling with a certain area?
what is the easiest are for you to keep up?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

how did everyones week 2 on the challenge go? you all took the 4th off right? i sure enjoyed it. we went to the parade, had a bbq, went to friends for fireworks, went to the big fireworks,had another bbq, big breakfast and went swimming! it was a fun and long weekend for sure.
 what did you guys do this weekend?

i made a spreadsheet here where you can see how you are doing. you can go in and add your own points.

there are still quite a few of you that haven't sent in your first week  points. would you mind sending them to me? or you can go add then in yourselves too.

what is your goal for the week?

mine is to spend  some time on me. i love to sew and craft but i hardly ever get anything in. my sweet mother in law just bought me some amazingly cute fabric and the pattern to make a quilt and bag. i need to spend some quality time working on things that make me happy.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

hey guys. so we have had a few people drop out, a few people say they were in but never contacted me again, and a few others tell me they were in but never respond on the blog. just wondering what everyone wants to do??? i need to know who is in for sure, and if you are in i need you to get me the money by next week.  or if you all want to call it quits and send me an envelope with postage i can send your money back. let me know what you all want. thanks.