Tuesday, September 7, 2010

and the winner is...

eve! with a nearly perfect score too!
 and her mom and dad pat and len tied for 2nd , they get to split the 2nd place winnings. good job you guys! will you send me your address again so i can mail off your winnings? jacquelynbateman@hotmail.com.

 i am so sad that the challenge is over. although i had some mild setbacks that kept me from doing as well as i would have i liked. but i still gained many healthy habits that i hope i will continue with. and it was worth it just to be more consistent with my scripture study, which to be honest was sorely hurting before i started the challenge. thank you so much for joining with me. any last thoughts?


  1. I was so ready for a really fun week this week, but my mom convinced me to sign up for the next round of "Be a Better You". So that explains my missing two points, I had some fun on Sunday before jumping back in!

    How thoughtful are my parents? They purposefully threw the challenge because they wanted me to win it. I want to be a parent like that. :)

    I am totally with you - the scripture reading has been one of the biggest changes for me. Well, it all was big changes, but I am grateful for that one specifically. I just have a few more chapters and I'll have finished the BOM again.

  2. eve-
    what awesome parents!i heard the be your best you challenge is really good, there is alot of competition so that is a huge motivation. send me your address ok, i'll send your money off asap.

  3. congrats congrats!

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