Tuesday, July 6, 2010

how did everyones week 2 on the challenge go? you all took the 4th off right? i sure enjoyed it. we went to the parade, had a bbq, went to friends for fireworks, went to the big fireworks,had another bbq, big breakfast and went swimming! it was a fun and long weekend for sure.
 what did you guys do this weekend?

i made a spreadsheet here where you can see how you are doing. you can go in and add your own points.

there are still quite a few of you that haven't sent in your first week  points. would you mind sending them to me? or you can go add then in yourselves too.

what is your goal for the week?

mine is to spend  some time on me. i love to sew and craft but i hardly ever get anything in. my sweet mother in law just bought me some amazingly cute fabric and the pattern to make a quilt and bag. i need to spend some quality time working on things that make me happy.


  1. Oh, I had a lot of fun on Sunday. We're talking hot dots, cheetos puffs, and cupcake batter. A lot of it.

    I'm sticking with the yardwork goal this week - I could probably do an hour a day and still have tons left but I'll make my goal a more manageable 15 minutes.

  2. Oh I enjoyed homemade chocolate chip cookies and ice cream. So good!
    My goal for the week is to write, write write. I'm suppose to be working on improving my writing this summer so I figure making myself write everyday is a good goal for this week.

    Also I couldn't access the spreadsheet for some reason....

  3. i think my goal is to pick up my house. it is a wreck, and i was out of town, then got hit with a 24 hr stomach flu that left me unable to move...
    definitely had to use a sick day since i couldn't keep anything down..

  4. This week i have been working on catching up. with being so busy I have not gotten everything around the house done. I have buckeled down so far this week and have done it. Now i just have to keep it up.

  5. Thanks for the spread sheet and for keeping this thing going. Len and I are both really enjoying this challenge. It's good to have something to keep us on track. We were glad for the 4th of July day off, we were visiting our daughter and enjoyed the spread she had for us including some yummy brownies. We were proud of ourselves for keeping on track even while vacationing.
    My goal for this week is to do something each day around the house beyond the day to day. So far I cleaned out the refrigerator and spent a half hour harvesting stuff from the garden and trees.
    Thanks again for your work for us.