Monday, July 12, 2010

reminder to everyone...
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lets work this week on getting to know each other better. you can come up with a game, post pictures, whatever. i'll start-

5 things about me-
1.i had three little boys in 4 years. they are so fun and i am so lucky to be their mama.
2. i have an affinity for punk rock and butt rock
3.i love lost. RIP. i am still having withdrawls. i think i am over it and then it hits me... i am so not over it.
4.i majored in home ec, yes that really is a college degree :)
5. i love disneyland. we have been going to disneyland every year since i was born and i still love it. it has taken on a whole new love taking my kids with me. i love to see how happy and excited they get over the smallest things. i save ever penny so that i can spoil them rotten.

your turn!


  1. I guess I'll follow your lead:
    5 things about ME
    1. I am the mother of six, four girls (Lavender and Eve are two of them) and 2 boys, all but one are married.
    2. I am the Nana to 17 grandchildren, 8 boys and 9 girls.
    3. I enjoy hanging out with any or all of the above.
    4. I love living in southern California in spite of the financial challenges this state presents.
    5. I enjoy learning new things and sharing the knowledge gained with others.

    I am enjoying this challenge even though I am not seeing much in the weight loss department so far. I am feeling great, however.

  2. 1. I am a college student at BYU studying Advertising
    2. I love to read...anything and everything...and would love any book suggestions :) Currently I'm waiting eagerly for the last Hunger Games book and I can't WAIT for the last Harry Potter movies to come out.
    3. Jackie is my cousin-in-law and I still remember how excited I was waiting outside the temple for them while they got married.
    4. I recently went on a study abroad to Canada for photography
    5. I am the oldest of four and my siblings make me laugh every day :)