Monday, July 12, 2010

week 3

hey guys, we are at week 3 already! how is everyone doing? i am having some lame health issues that are making this challenge, well sort of a challenge... but such is life right?

what are your goals this week?
anyone struggling with a certain area?
what is the easiest are for you to keep up?


  1. My goal is to do at least 15 minutes of deep cleaning every day this week around the house. I have more yardwork I could do, but my hands are raw and it is HOT out!

    I wanted sweets all week long and really enjoyed them when I finally had my off day on Saturday. Let's just say I'm looking forward to this coming Saturday already.

  2. This week goal is all about our Cancer Fundrasier Yard sale. I plan on doing something for it everyday. Like right now I'm wondering if anyone of us have anything to donate. Let me know

  3. I'm back to working on geneology this week now that I am back at home. I made the mistake of having my sweets on Monday--don't ever do that! I am waiting until the end of the week this week. I am feeling great, but the pounds are hanging on.

  4. my goal is to work on my front walkway/porch/flowerbeds. yikes it is scary!!

    i am struggling with sweets like always. and i really have to keep on top of my scripture reading. fruits and veggies and water are easy peasy for me.

    i've lost 4lbs, then gained back 5 because the bladder infection from hell made me bloated. thanks to a raging fever and sore throat i am down 4 lbs again. maybe i can catch a parasite to get me at the weight i want for my best friends wedding in a few weeks :)

  5. icecream is my weakness, but it only got me once this past week! other than that, i did really, really well and lost 3 lbs that week. feeling great!

  6. last week I went on vacation and that is what it was a vacation from everything apparently i did horrible!!! but this week I am back at it and am going to do AWESOME. one of my goals is to get back on track for health to follow the goals to get 70. and more personally my goal is personal prayer i always say prayer with the kids/fam but then crash into my bed with out saying mine. the easiest things for me are working out and no eating after 8.