Monday, July 19, 2010

Joe, jenell, ashely and amy t. let me know if you are still participating...

week 4 already! how are you guys doing? anyone lagging in motivation? i say we do a challenge. does anyone have any ideas?

remember that this week is pioneer day so you get an extra free day. if you live in cali and want to pick another day besides saturday, feel free. just remember 2 free days this week. i have a small problem with turning free days into more than a day.

goals this week?
mine is to starting body for life again. i did it before and loved it. i saw results right away, then i got lazy. if you sign up for bill phillips new challenge on you can even win lots of money. it is a great resource and the community is so friendly and helpful.


  1. oh my gosh! body for life?! that is such an amazing program! i did it last year, but then got pregnant and all that. :/ good luck!

  2. I definitely have a hard time the day after a free day. I had mine Saturday and was already looking forward to having TWO this week Sunday morning.

    My goal is more house/ yardwork. I am addicted - I hate the work, but my house is looking so nice.

  3. last week was my best week and that was with us being on vacation the whole time! im so glad i stuck to the challenge because it was great to come back feeling so good.

    my goal this week is to work on my portfolio for at least 30 minutes everyday.

  4. This week is all about the house. I am going to spend atlest 15 min everyday on some project.

  5. this week is all about everything that has been on the backburner/ catch up on all the things that get left out.

  6. Joe is out. Thought I mentioned it before. Sorry.
    My goal is 30+ minutes/day reading aloud to the little ones.
    An extra challenge sounds great, but I have no ideas! Isn't that helpful? ;)

  7. I missed the part about the challenge. What about who can tally up the most push-ups/ sit-ups/ pull-ups in a week?

    I only suggest it because I am certain I will lose. But it could be a nice little challenge.