Sunday, June 20, 2010

Everyone set to start tomorrow? any questions? 

i'm giving everyone 2 weeks to get the money to me, after that i'll have to cut you from the competition ( and i really don't want to do that) i've decided the let people join if they still want up to next monday, but they might take a point loss since they probably won't be on task. so far i have the money from-

amy t

so tell me- what is your goal for this week?

my goals for this week is {1} to not turn on my computer until i have read my scriptures and finished my morning housework. {2} and to do something fun with my boys every day. nothing major, just some quality time with them where i don't feel stressed or hurried.


  1. That is a great goal! I have a goal to donate or throw out 10 items from my house each day this week.

  2. my goal is to be home more. With designing and having a home in the parade this year, my poor kids have been ran to death. they dont get to bed on time and are not happy. so i want to give them more down time so we can just chill.

  3. jackie you need to text me your address or something so I can get you my money.

  4. I am finally getting to the geneology work that I need to be doing. I'm starting with 15 mins. a day.

  5. My goal is to be in bed by 10:00 each weekday and by 11:00 on the weekend.

  6. Not to copy Lavender but that is also mine. I hit the hay way to late most nights.

  7. My goal is to clean out my room -- throw things away, get more organized, etc.

  8. mine was to finish invitations and party favors for my norahs party. done and done!