Friday, June 25, 2010

An Idea

I love me some ghetto gas station food.  I really love 7 eleven's nachos with a hole lot
of chili and cheese and really really want to partake of some today.   Then a
light bulb went off in my head to remake it in a healthy way.
So today for lunch I substituted the chips for a bed of lettuce a thin layer of chili with some
yummy crunchy veggies on top.  I substituted the nacho cheese for the shredded Mexican blend
 and topped it off with a little salsa.  I was completely satisfied and proud of myself for coming up
with a healthier version of some yummy gas station ghetto goodness.

I think for a treat this week I'm going to make lettuce rolls with yogurt and a fresh fruit puree.
To the yogurt I'm going to add some lemon zest and honey. (does honey count as a sweet?)
If it does then I'll just let the natural sugar in the fruit flavor it.

Does anyone else have any ideas of how we can trick ourselves into being a little more healthy?

If you haven't seen the giveaway yet from Eve scroll down you don't want to miss it.
Eve I love them both and even if I don't win I think my 2 girls need something from your shop!


  1. That sounds delicious! I might have to give this a try. You should follow it up with a little banana "ice cream". I just blend frozen bananas in my vitamix, it works in a food processor as well. It tastes exactly like a creamy, smooth ice cream.

  2. have any of you ever heard of "Hungry Girl" cookbooks? She made these recipes to work hand in hand with weight watchers. They are really awesome. I have one of the books, but you can get recipes, tips, and tricks at

  3. Getting hungry...and it's past 8:00!!!! ;)
    Eve, I love the banana "ice cream," also good w/ vanilla extract, and yummy w/ other fruit (strawberries, mangos) added. Can't wait til tomorrow when I can eat again. Haha...

  4. gas station ghetto goodness............ nachos and corn nuts please. oh and those gross tacquitos. and candy. for reals though, body for life has some great recipes.

  5. nella i will have to try that website out too.

  6. I'll have to check out those Hungry Girl things. Hardest part for me is going to work! The gourmet candies! If I start, I can't stop. Ahhhh! But, I refused Parson's Bakery goodness. That's good for me! Have really been enjoying fresh fruit this week. And I didn't miss not having popcorn at the movie. Those are two brownie points for me!

  7. Oh, and the banana ice cream. Sounds great! I wonder if my ghetto blender could take care of that for me?