Wednesday, June 16, 2010

question- eve pointed out that there are only 9 points on the tracking sheet. i realized i left out one whole point. soooooo should we-

 make exercise worth 2 points?
add another catagory ? ( the one i left out is writing in a journal 15 mintues a day) interested in that?
something else?

everyone leave their ideas below please!


  1. Definitely exercise - that's a big one for me!

  2. Question on the whole eating after 8...I have to eat something with my job. Is it possible for us to adjust that to like 2 hours before bedtime?

  3. lisa. are you doing it with us? yes my dear you can have an exception with that rule. i'm sure you need extra energy when you are throwing freight in the middle of the night.

  4. 2 for exercise is fine by me

  5. I vote two for exercise because Raelene is kicking my booty right now. Jump, jump, up, down, run, run, run, up, down, fast feet! Now rest for the 30 seconds. Again! Jump! Jump! More, more, MORE!! So sore. So tired yet so good.